January 2024 - Lab opening!

Our lab is opening its doors in January 2024!
Get in touch if you would like to join us!

Sept. 2023 - BBRF grant

Our team is awarded a NARSAD Grant for 2 years by the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, to study the network effects of psychedelics and their mechanisms of their therapeutic action for depression.

June 2023 - Joining Inserm

Nikolas is appointed as an Inserm "Chargé de recherche" tenured researcher.

June 2023 - ATIP-Avenir grant

We have received funding from the prestigious ATIP-Avenir program, organized jointly by CNRS and Inserm.

2023 - Joining the Paris Brain Institute

Following a long evaluation process from the international scientific evaluation board of the Paris Brain Institute, it has been decided that Nikolas will join the institute as a new team leader.
We have received generous funding from the institute to establish the new team and we look forward to setting up the team in the coming year.